Hello world!

Hi everyone =)

Here is Camila Monteiro, I am an ecofashion designer from São Paulo, Brazil, and I want to share with you, my adventures on develop a zero waste products.

Since 2012 I started study fashion with a big and huge “BUT”. I started study fashion for sustainable fashion design.

I graduate in hospitality management at 2009 BUT I used customize, cut, reconstruct and play with all my clothes of my wardrobe.That´s Why as I never had money to entry in a fashion college, I worked in hotels, I love hospiatality!! BUT something was missing!

So I always study between working.

When somebody knows that you sew, automatically every month you have something to learn.

Repair jeans, do prom dress, customize T-shirts for parties… that´s how in 2012 I opened my CM Ateliê , an atelie for work with my friends and friends of friends, earning some money.Honestly, I just spent more money doing costume for dance and  theater presentations, it´s pretty good, I dance since I was a teenager dreamer.


In 2013 I bought a huuuuge pac of fabrics that was resaling from south brazil industries.I also took trash from clothing brands , like clothes with errors that was going to the trash and did my first “edition” for sale as a brand.

story camon 1

Ohmygod! so much color in the world hãm? lol

When you sew something you usually use overlock machine, this type of sewing make the best cut and finish selvedge that you will find all over the fashion magazines and brands


as it cut and sew at the same time it makes a lot of trash.You finish with a large pac of little fabrics with threads on your garbage.

I didn´t like that, I don´t like! Seem like an error for me.

Every type of trash of my sustainable brand needs to be reused.

Thinking about it I studied ways of reduce this

Now, acutually In 2016/2017 become studying by myself on internet, books, free courses about ideias,techniques, patterns to find ZERO WASTE way of fashion.

story camon 2

Thank “god” we have more people thinking about it and as days past I find a lot of information to have ideias, but we still don´t have too much consistant information zero waste production on fashion.

I am learning not just sewing,patern and cutting alternatives BUT 3D printing, wearables, zero waste patterns, japanese pattern, handwoven and a lot of other blablablas for everybody lol except about that

Finally you have the big “WHY” I am doing this “blog” in a journey book way.

Thanks for read everything, share and PLEASE talk to me about everything ok?

Here you will find informations, patterns, studies and my contact as you need help and consultant about it (of course … lol)

This idea just came true because of other designers and places like
Timo Rissanen,

Holy Mcquillan,

Zero Waste Daniel ,

Orsola de Castro,


Campus party,

Lab fashion,

and Pinterest. (of course!)
My Huge Thank you!
We are together in this world.

BUT every work of my life will be forever dedicate first to my mother ( of course haha) Regina monteiro , my “angel” on earth and my granma Zélia veneziani , the best zero waste woman that ever had! haha

Be collaborative for a sustainable world!


Camila Monteiro


For more informations about me and Camon



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